Order Steakhouse Style Food Online


Let’s face it - a good steak can actually be quite difficult to come by.  Some of us try to cook a steak at home and whilst it tastes nice, it’s missing a certain something.  It may well be the quality of the cut of meat, or maybe it’s the chargrilled and flamegrilled method of cooking that is used when you visit a restaurant, but good quality steakhouses really are worth their weight in gold if you have a good one in your area....assuming you are a meat lover of course!


Of course, steakhouses are a haven for steak lovers, but not exclusively so.  Most steakhouses specialise in cooking and serving steaks with the trimmings but will often also offer dishes made from other meats such as chicken and pork, and nowadays will also offer vegetarian options as well, though these can sometimes be limited.


So, what makes a great steak?  For some, it’s just down to size, and many steak restaurants will offer different steaks in different sizes such as 8oz, 10oz, 12oz and more, depending upon how hungry you are!  And typically speaking, the price of your steak will increase the larger it is.


But, at the same time, you might want to consider the cut of meat that it is.  You may be familiar with steaks such as rib-eye, sirloin, fillet and rump steaks, for example, but what are these? 


Rib eye steak, as its name would suggest, comes from the cow’s rib section and usually has pockets of fat running through it.  The fact is great for the cooking process as it keeps the meat moist and succulent.  Fillet steak is often the leanest and most tender of all the cuts of steak and, as a result, is often the most expensive.  Rump steak, taken from the rear of the cow, is often considered to be the most flavoursome.


There are a multitude of other cuts of steak such as T-Bone steaks and others, for instance, and so it’s worth checking out the various options in advance or – if you really are a steak lover – trying the various steak options over a period of time so you can make an informed decision for yourself as to which steak you prefer.


Needless to say that many steaks come with a variety of different sides that you can often choose to customise what you want.  You can usually choose from corn on the cob, normal fries, skin on fries, onion rings, mushrooms and a selection of different sauces such as mushroom, peppercorn or béarnaise steak sauce, for example.


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