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When it comes to French cuisine, it’s difficult to know where to start, with France being seen by many as being the culinary capital of the world.  Many of the world’s top chefs use traditional cooking methods which originated in France centuries ago in their cooking today.  Indeed, many restaurants around the world aspire to achieve Michelin star ratings – an award with French origin.


There are some classic French dishes that spring to mind including boeuf boruignon (beef stew), coq au vin (chicken in wine), escargots (snails), frogs legs and many, many more, and if you get the chance to visit quality French restaurants in France, then you should most certainly try some of the authentic and traditional dishes, done at their best.  The reality, however, is that despite its undoubted heritage of producing stunning French dishes, the position of France in Europe means that today, when you visit French restaurants, you can expect a varied range of different dishes, some of which offer the French style of cooking and some of which are much more European in their finish.


Outside of the major cities, France is also full of quaint towns and villages, full of small cafes and restaurants, most of which offer a ‘menu du jour’ which is usually a three course meal which also includes wine and coffee.  These three courses are often simple but incredibly tasty plates of food, and come at an inexpensive price, and certainly give you a taste of France at its best.


The whole thing about eating in France is that it is something to be enjoyed.  The French are big on family and social occasions, many of which revolve around eating.  For example, a lunch can last 2 hours or more, sometimes longer at weekends, and when people go out to eat in a restaurant in the evening, it is for the evening, not just for the duration of how long it takes them to eat their food!


You can get a taste of France here in England with easyFood.  Whilst not as plentiful in supply as Chinese or Indian takeaways, there are some top quality French restaurants which will home deliver.  Wanting to impress a date perhaps?  Why not enjoy some French food at home.


Simply enter your postcode online and select “French” from the list of cuisine types.  You’ll then be able to see your local French restaurants and takeaways, along with their menus and prices.  Make your selection and place your order securely online, without the need to worry about whether you have enough cash to pay the delivery driver.  And what better way to enjoy your French food than with a lovely bottle of vin rouge or vin blanc.