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As you may already know, the pizza originated in Italy and, to this day, still remains one of the dishes most identified with this country.  Many people will have on their bucket list of things to do, to eat pizza and pasta in Rome, or similar, enjoying the bursts of flavour that you can get through pizzas.  In Italy, compared to the UK, you will often find that less is more, and there is a large emphasis on the use of rocket leaves in large quantities on top of pizzas.  Again, if you are in Italy, almost all pizzas are the thin and crispy style base, with a ‘pomodoro’ tomato sauce base and then your choice of topping, though not in the quantities you might imagine.


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The UK pizza market is huge, and has been developing in earnest since the 1970s.  As well as being most popular in Italy, popularity surged in the USA in the sixties and, of course, what happens in the USA invariably then happens in the UK, to the extent where now pizza is one of the most popular types of fast food takeaways around.


Unlike their origins of thin and crispy bases, pizzas from both the main chains of pizza restaurants and takeaways as well as independent pizza outlets, are often available in a variety of bases such as deep pan and even stuffed crust, far from their simple beginnings.  You often have a choice of tomato or even barbeque sauce and then a variety of different toppings, including pepperoni, onion, cheese, ham, pineapple and so on – whatever takes your fancy.  The more adventurous of us might decide they prefer tuna, seafood, jalapenos, pulled pork, crispy beef and so on, with some of these topping providing a bit of a spicy kick to the pizza.


As well as dedicated pizza restaurants and takeaways in the form of branded, chain restaurants and independent pizza shops, big supermarkets have also got in on the act when it comes to pizzas, with not only chilled cabinets and freezers full of ready-made pizzas, but also dedicated counters where customers can create the own pizza and then simply put it in the oven when they get home.


Most pizza fans would argue, however, that the best pizza is that which is freshly cooked and delivered straight to your doorstep in the classic flat cardboard box.  The smell of the pizza is so enticing and mouth-watering when it arrives that you really can’t wait to get stuck into it.  Of course, if it’s just one of you eating the pizza, then the chances are that you will order a smaller pizza than if there is a family of you, and that’s the great thing about pizza takeaways – these are great for sharing.  Stick a film on the TV, get a drink and put the pizza on the table for people to help themselves – it really is a great way to enjoy dinner in a relaxed manner.


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