Order Japanese Food Online


Think of Japanese food, and the first thing that springs to most peoples’ minds is sushi.  And, of course, you wouldn’t be wrong.  However, quality Japanese cuisine is much more than this raw fish.  Of course, seafood plays an important part in this style of cuisine, but there is also very much a focus on seasonal ingredients.  Tempura – a light batter – is also commonplace in Japanese cuisine, with vegetables and seafood such as king prawns being fried to produce delicious dishes. As well as seafood and fresh vegetables, rice and noodles also play an important part, accompanying most of these Japanese dishes.  As it happens, back in 2011, Japan actually overtook France – typically known as the gastronomic capital of the world – in terms of the amount of Michelin starred restaurants, and has kept this mantle ever since.


Of course, Japanese restaurants and takeaways are much fewer in number than their Indian or Chinese counterparts, but if there is a good Japanese eatery near you, then you are in for a treat!  As well as sushi and tempura, why not try mouth-watering dishes such as soba (long noodles), tonkatsu (pork cutlet), unagi (river eel) and a whole host of other exciting dishes that might be on the menu.


You can order Japanese food online today at easyFood.  Simply log in, key in your postcode and select ‘Japanese’ from the drop down menu.  If there is a Japanese restaurant near you, then you’ll be able to browse their menu and check out any discounts or special offers they might have running at this time.  Then place your order, pay with your card and sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring!  Enjoy!