Order Fish & Chips Online


Typically considered as the national dish of the UK, the origins of fish and chips date back to the 1800s, though there is always some debate about where the fish and chip shop was.  Indeed, in Lancashire, fried chips were a cheap food in the industrial north, whilst fried fish was regularly eaten in the East end of London.  Putting these two foods together to create fish and chips as we know them today, however, was done around the 1860s, with the advent of fish and chip shops.


For many of us, few things can beat the aroma of freshly cooked fish and chips, with salt and vinegar, wrapped in newspaper.  Well, maybe not the newspaper bit, though that was used years ago – after all, “yesterday’s news is today’s fish and chip wrapper”.  In fact, fish and chips form an essential part of everyday British life, and even when we go on holiday to the coast, we enjoy fish and chips – maybe it’s the sea air that makes us super-hungry, as fish and chips always seem to taste better out of the paper and sitting on the promenade!


And, of course, it’s not just the fish and chips that are traditional, but also mushy peas – an essential part of any fish and chip supper! – although what about curry sauce, gravy and maybe even beans!  The choice is yours!


Many fish and chip restaurants today have expanded their range, not just to include different types of fish to help sustainable fishing and the environment, but also to include other foods such as pies, kebabs, fried chicken, sausages, burgers and a whole host of other delicious take away foods.  Make no mistake about it, people will travel for miles for the best fish and chip shops around, enticed by the fresh, crisp batter and the crunchy chips.


Many fish and chip restaurants and takeaways now also offer home delivery, and even advance ordering so you can ensure that you get fast delivery when frying times begin.  The easiest way to order fish and chips online is with a fast food app for home delivery such as easyFood, for example.  Type in your postcode, choose ‘fish and chips’ and you will be presented with a list of fish and chip shops that are local to you and who are able to deliver.  Place your order, make your payment and then sit back in anticipation of some wonderful and mouth-watering fish and chips arriving at your doorstep!