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Think of America and think of burgers.  Well, at least that’s a common misconception.  Of course, the burgers are great as Americans certainly don’t do things by halves, but it’s true to say that American cuisine is much more than just burgers and fast food. 


Due to the sheer size of the country, the various part of America offer different specialities which can be enjoyed should you visit there.  For example, many coastal areas enjoy wonderful seafood such as shrimp and crab, whilst the south west and California starts to see Mexican and central American influences in the dishes, which gives rise to the Tex-Mex style of cuisine.  And who can forget New York – an incredible bustling metropolis, full of unique influences when it comes to cooking styles.  For instance, pizza is one of the most highly consumed foods of New York, and it’s true to say that American pizzas are out of this world, with many recipes used being passed down generations from the original Italian immigrants who arrived in New York looking for a new life.


Hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks and other meats offer wonderful tastes, with the burgers not only being generous in size, but you can often add extras such as bacon strips, onion rings, coleslaw, eggs, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, American cheese and a whole host of other toppings to create stunning burgers that will keep you going for a while!


If you want to enjoy some American cuisine tonight, then you’ll be able to do this right here on easyFood.  There are many American style diners around who are able to provide a home delivery service, and the way to find out what there is in your area is to enter your postcode and then choose “American” from the drop down menu.  You’ll then see a list of American restaurants and takeaways who are able to offer you American food for home delivery.  Remember to set aside plenty of time, as the menus for American restaurants can often be plentiful in choice and so whether you want to order a hamburger, hot dogs with relish, steaks, seafood and, of course, the various accompaniments, desserts and drinks, then you are in the right place.


Once you made your selection, then the next step is simple – get your credit or debit card and go to the checkout to place your order securely.  Your order is then sent electronically to the restaurant or takeaway and they will start cooking straight away!  Simply wait for your doorbell to ring and get stuck into your delicious, freshly cooked American food!


easyFood is here to keep your life simple, straightforward and hassle free, and don’t worry – as a customer you don’t pay any premiums with easyFood for using our online ordering system, unlike some other takeaway apps. 


Enjoy your food with easyFood – the UK’s favourite online takeaway app.