29 august Vegetarian choice when travelling around the world

Indian Food

As a vegetarian when I decide to visit anywhere in the world, I also look at food first. Food must be good whether it’s a takeaway or a hotel meal. I find many asian countries provide a great range of vegetarian food. I find that Indian food provides a good source of protein in many dishes, with some sensational spices which add flavour. My favourite Indian dishes are Tarka Daal, a lentil dish with naan or chapatti’s, add some yogurt and a sabbji as a side dish. Remember south and north Indian food are very different in flavours, I prefer north Indian food, as the flavours are stronger, and the spices really get your taste buds going. So I nearly forgot to mention the great Paneer Dish, if you’re a fan of fresh white unsalted cheese, you will love most paneer dishes.

Thai Food

Thailand is a great place for vegetarian food, food may be cooked on the same grill as other meals which are non-veg, so putting that to the side, some good dishes for veggies are born in Thailand. Noodle dishes are on top on the list with some fresh greens and some hot spices. Thai green curry is always on my list of dishes to eat, and the other is Yaki Gyoza, this is a meat free dumpling which comes with a soya sauce, mouthing water it is, on some occasions I have walked into a restaurant and had two portions of Yaki Goyza, not needing to have a main dish.

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