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As its name would suggest, Thai food is the typical cuisine native to Thailand.  You can get a feel for the type of food that it is when you consider that quality Thai chefs look to achieve the following characteristics in their cooking: balance, detail, variety, colour and taste.  The combination of all of these factors comprises the best quality Thai cuisine.

Thai cooking is not necessarily about the spices, though many of the most popular dishes do have a spicy edge to them, but more about the aromatic flavours and ingredients, producing a more subtle flavour than its Indian counterparts.

And Thai cuisine is much more than simply Thai green curry which is by far and away the most recognised of all Thai cooking.  Traditional favourites such as tom yam goong, pad thai, som tam, massaman curry and Thai fried rice are all out there, providing flavour sensations to your palette.

If you are looking to experience some new flavours, then why not try Thai takeaway – you might be surprised at what selection there is in your local area.  Go onto online food ordering app easyFood and enter your postcode.  Click ‘Thai’ from the drop down menu and you’ll be presented with a list of Thai restaurants and takeaways that are open and which can service your requirements.  Place your order online, pay with your card and sit back and relax and wait for that delicious food to arrive on your doorstep.

Fish & Chips

Typically considered as the national dish of the UK, the origins of fish and chips date back to the 1800s, though there is always some debate about where the fish and chip shop was.  Indeed, in Lancashire, fried chips were a cheap food in the industrial north, whilst fried fish was regularly eaten in the East end of London.  Putting these two foods together to create fish and chips as we know them today, however, was done around the 1860s, with the advent of fish and chip shops.

For many of us, few things can beat the aroma of freshly cooked fish and chips, with salt and vinegar, wrapped in newspaper.  Well, maybe not the newspaper bit, though that was used years ago – after all, “yesterday’s news is today’s fish and chip wrapper”.  In fact, fish and chips form an essential part of everyday British life, and even when we go on holiday to the coast, we enjoy fish and chips – maybe it’s the sea air that makes us super-hungry, as fish and chips always seem to taste better out of the paper and sitting on the promenade!

And, of course, it’s not just the fish and chips that are traditional, but also mushy peas – an essential part of any fish and chip supper! – although what about curry sauce, gravy and maybe even beans!  The choice is yours!

Many fish and chip restaurants today have expanded their range, not just to include different types of fish to help sustainable fishing and the environment, but also to include other foods such as pies, kebabs, fried chicken, sausages, burgers and a whole host of other delicious take away foods.  Make no mistake about it, people will travel for miles for the best fish and chip shops around, enticed by the fresh, crisp batter and the crunchy chips.

Many fish and chip restaurants and takeaways now also offer home delivery, and even advance ordering so you can ensure that you get fast delivery when frying times begin.  The easiest way to order fish and chips online is with a fast food app for home delivery such as easyFood, for example.  Type in your postcode, choose ‘fish and chips’ and you will be presented with a list of fish and chip shops that are local to you and who are able to deliver.  Place your order, make your payment and then sit back in anticipation of some wonderful and mouth-watering fish and chips arriving at your doorstep! 


As its name might suggest, “Tex-Mex” is the name given to the fusion of foods between Texan and Mexican, with its origins firmly in Mexico and the south-western states of the USA.

Today, there are a whole host of Tex-Mex restaurants and takeaways that have appeared, providing a whole range of mouth-watering dishes.  Predominantly, Tex-Mex cuisine is based around some key elements including flour tortillas, cheese, beans, peppers and meat (mainly pork and beef).

You’ll have heard of the some of the classic Tex-Mex dishes even if you have never visited a Tex-Mex restaurant before, being as the majority of large supermarkets will usually dedicate part of an aisle to this style of cuisine, often with ‘make-at-home’ kits where all you need to do is to add the peppers and your choice of meat.  However, there’s really no substitute for the real thing!  Classic Tex-Mex dishes include fajitas (which usually involve the meat being chargrilled and serving sizzling), nachos with jalapeno peppers, cheese and salsa, refried beans, enchiladas, tacos and many others.  If you like a little chilli spice but not overpowering, then Tex-Mex food may well be for you.

If you are envious of enchiladas, frantic for fajitas and desperate for – well – desperado Mexican beer, then you are in the right place here at easyFood.  It’s just one of the types of cuisines that we have available from our range of restaurants and takeaways online. easyFood is here to make your life simple, quick and hassle free – simply key in your postcode and choose “Tex-Mex” from the drop down menu and you’ll be able to see all the Tex-Mex restaurants and takeaways near you.  You can then browse their menus to see what takes your fancy.  At the same time, uniquely here at easyFood, we also offer you a link to the restaurant or takeaway’s website, as many Tex-Mex eateries pride themselves in the quality of their ingredients and the way they cook their food – flame-grilled meats always make for exciting viewing!

Once you have chosen what Tex-Mex food you want to order, then place your online order and make payment.  Then sit back and wait for your Tex-Mex food delivery to arrive!  It’s as a simple as that, and hopefully you’ll be back for more takeaway food from our easyFood app online in the near future.

Tapas & Meze

When it comes the sharing of meals, nothing quite beats tapas or a meze.  Tapas is the generic name given to small plates of Spanish food, whilst a meze is the name given to a similar style of small plates, commonly served in the Balkan states, Eastern Europe, Greece and turkey, for example. 

Classic Spanish tapas dishes include pimientos fritos (fried peppers), calamari (squid), chorizo, boquerones (white anchovies served in vinegar), albondigas (meatballs) and aceitunas (olives), of course all accompanied by breads and washed down with sangria or Spanish Rioja. 

Classic meze dishes include falafel, tzatziki, pastrami (cured meat), stifado, whitebait and other mouth-watering delights. 

Traditionally, tapas and meze food is popular due to the outdoor Meditteranean lifestyle, with many meals being consumed by the family all sitting together from about 9pm onwards in the evening.  That’s not to say, however, that Spanish tapas and Greek meze food cannot be consumed following this traditional theme here in the UK.

Spanish and Greek restaurants and takeaways are often sought after and, of course, are not as prevalent in number as Chinese takeaways or Indian takeaways, for example.  But, how do you discover these fantastic eateries with their taste of the Med?

A quick and easy way to order tapas online for delivery and order Greek food online for home delivery is to use online takeaway app easyFood online.  Simply key in your postcode and then select the type of food you want to eat and you’ll be presented with a list of restaurants that match your criteria and are open in your local area.

Once you’ve had a browse of the various options available, placed your order and then paid online, you can then sit back, crack open the Rioja and feast on your Spanish and Greek food which will be arriving on your doorstep very shortly.