Order Tapas & Meze Food Online


When it comes the sharing of meals, nothing quite beats tapas or a meze.  Tapas is the generic name given to small plates of Spanish food, whilst a meze is the name given to a similar style of small plates, commonly served in the Balkan states, Eastern Europe, Greece and turkey, for example. 


Classic Spanish tapas dishes include pimientos fritos (fried peppers), calamari (squid), chorizo, boquerones (white anchovies served in vinegar), albondigas (meatballs) and aceitunas (olives), of course all accompanied by breads and washed down with sangria or Spanish Rioja. 


Classic meze dishes include falafel, tzatziki, pastrami (cured meat), stifado, whitebait and other mouth-watering delights. 


Traditionally, tapas and meze food is popular due to the outdoor Meditteranean lifestyle, with many meals being consumed by the family all sitting together from about 9pm onwards in the evening.  That’s not to say, however, that Spanish tapas and Greek meze food cannot be consumed following this traditional theme here in the UK.


Spanish and Greek restaurants and takeaways are often sought after and, of course, are not as prevalent in number as Chinese takeaways or Indian takeaways, for example.  But, how do you discover these fantastic eateries with their taste of the Med?


A quick and easy way to order tapas online for delivery and order Greek food online for home delivery is to use online takeaway app easyFood online.  Simply key in your postcode and then select the type of food you want to eat and you’ll be presented with a list of restaurants that match your criteria and are open in your local area.


Once you’ve had a browse of the various options available, placed your order and then paid online, you can then sit back, crack open the Rioja and feast on your Spanish and Greek food which will be arriving on your doorstep very shortly.