Order Steak Online


For those meat eaters amongst us, it’s fair to say that nothing quite beats a succulent steak.  Many of us will have our favourite restaurants where we go for a steak – perhaps it’s the way it’s cooked with that flame grilled finish, or perhaps the thick cut chips which accompany it.  Or maybe it’s down to the quality of the meat, or simply value for money with the size of the steak compared with the price!


Good quality steaks come in different cuts, including rib-eye, sirloin, rump and fillet, and the way that your steak is cooked is very much down to individual preference.  Years ago, it seemed that when you order a steak, it would come well done if you didn’t stipulate how you wanted it cooked.  Nowadays, however, it is unusual that you would order a steak and not get asked about whether you want it cooked well done, medium to well, medium, medium rare, rare or blue.


And, of course, for many people, what comes with the steak is equally as important.  Are you a steak lover who likes it with chips and a side salad, or do you like to go all the way with your steak accompanied by battered onion rings, chips, mushrooms and a sauce?  Everyone seems to have their own individual preference.  Suffice to say that we all know what we like, and we all like what we know!


Ordering a steak, however, is not nowadays confined to a restaurant.  There are times when you want to eat a steak but don’t want to cook it yourself – yes, you could go to the supermarket or butchers and buy a nice piece of steak, but then you’ve got to cook it to the way you like it, which isn’t always easy, and then it never seems to taste quite as good as restaurants cook it.  There are plenty of takeaways and restaurants that offer great quality steaks for home delivery and you can find these online at easyFood today.  Simply enter your postcode on our homepage or download our smartphone app and then select “steak” and you’ll see a list of partner restaurants and takeaways that are able to offer what you want when it comes to mouth watering steaks.  Simply browse the menus online of the steak takeaways near you in your local area and make your choice.  It really is as simple as that.  And a glass of your favourite red wine is sure to go well with your steak so grab your corkscrew and treat yourself right now!