Order Spanish Food Online


Think of flamenco music, dancing, sangria, and long, hot summer Mediterranean events, and you can almost be in Spain.  Add some delicious food into the equation, and the tastes of Spain really will transport you into this fabulous world that some of us only get to experience when we go on holiday!


If you have a good quality Spanish restaurant near you, therefore, you can count yourself lucky.  Of course, think of Spain, think of tapas.  Tapas are small plates of delicious foods which are perfect for sharing with friends and family.  Spanish classics such as tortilla, albondigas (meatballs), chorizo, Manchego (traditional Spanish cheese), calamari, patatas bravas (fried potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce) and other delights are just a few of the plates of typical tapas that you might find on a menu.  Go into any bar in Spain and you’ll find that if you order a drink, then you’ll even be treated to a small plate of something which may entice you into buying a plate of tapas or two of some description!


Spanish cuisine, however, is much more than just tapas.  Paella is the traditional dish of Spain, usually made in huge pans, with paella rice, seafood, pork, chicken, herbs and an assortment of other ingredients going into making stunning paellas.  Depending upon the region of Spain you are in, the paella will take a different form – no two paellas are the same!  The ‘paella Valenciana’ – in the Valencia region – is more meat orientated using pork, chicken, rabbit, chorizo and other meats, whilst the ‘paella madrilena’ – in the Madrid region – is much more focused on the use of seafood such as clams, prawns, octopus and squid – surprising in some ways being as Madrid is as far as you can get away from the coast in Spain!


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