Order Seafood Online


Seafood seems to be one of those ‘marmite’ kind-of cuisines which – to coin a phrase – you either love it or hate it.


Of course, to be tasted at its best seafood has to be freshly sourced and delicately cooked, though in the case of oysters, not cooked at all!


Due to the fact that seafood does not have universal appeal in the way that curry and Chinese takeaways enjoy, this means that naturally there are fewer dedicated seafood restaurants around in the UK.  Finding is good one, therefore, is like the holy grail and something to be celebrated.


Good seafood restaurants have a range of different fishes available on the menu, often with a ‘catch of the day’ special on the board, and often prepared and cooked in different ways along with a variety of different accompaniments.  King prawns, razor clams, salmon, mussels, scallops and fish soup are just a few of the classics that you can expect to find on a seafood restaurant menu and we all know that oysters are supposed to have aphrodisiac properties!  One of the favourite dishes of many people who enjoy seafood restaurants are the sharing platter which is often a stack of a variety of different shellfish such as oysters, clams and many others on a bed of ice which – when done well – offer you a wonderful taste of the sea and something to be cherished.


Of course, a seafood takeaway is not to everyone’s tastes but if you are in the mood to devour some devil fish, salivate over some shellfish and consume some clams, then you are in the right place here at easyFood.  If there is a seafood restaurant in your area that maybe you don’t know about and which is able to provide you with a home delivery service, then the chances are that you’ll be able to find in online at easyFood simply by typing in your postcode and then choosing ‘seafood’ from the drop down menu.  An interesting and particularly useful feature of easyFood online is that each of our restaurants we work with have their own website into which you can click and have a look at each seafood restaurant’s particular cooking methods and sustainable fishing policies, which is often important to many lovers of seafood in general.


Once you have chosen which seafood you would like and which restaurant to get it from, simply place your order and pay online using any major credit or debit card.  Then sit back and relax, get the white wine in the chiller, and enjoy your wonderful seafood when it arrives.