Order Mixed Grills Online


Few people would argue that there’s any better way to enjoy an evening in with friends and family than with an Indian style mixed grill.  For socialising, picking and enjoying finger food, mixed grills hit the mark on many levels! 


Typically served in a sizzling hot skillet, Indian mixed grills – also known as tandoori mixed grills – are a medley of tandoori spice infused meats such as chicken, lamb chops, shish kebabs and prawns, with fried onions and peppers complementing the meats on the platter.  Mixed grills are usually accompanied by naan breads and a selection of dips and sauces such as mint yoghurt which goes superbly alongside the meat.


The best thing about a mixed grill is the fact that the chances are that everyone in your family or circle of friends will like at least some of the components, and so for social occasions such as family gathering, parties or even a mixed grill takeaway on a Tuesday night, it really is a fantastic choice when it comes to takeaway food.


Of course, it would be difficult for a mixed grill takeaway to arrive on a sizzling hot platter.  However, the best mixed grills come in foil lined bags to keep everything hot and to provide that sense of it arriving on your table fresh from the tandoori oven.


You can order a mixed grill right now from some of the best Indian and tandoori takeaways and restaurants in your area with easyFood.  Simply enter your postcode, choose “Mixed Grill” from the drop down box and then have a look at all the various takeaways and restaurants near you that are open and ready to deliver the perfect tasty and mouth watering mixed grill direct to your doorstep.  Even better, at easyFood, every takeaway or restaurant has their own website link and so you can click into this to see how the restaurant sources their ingredients, maybe their authentic and traditional cooking methods and other elements of their food cooking for your interest.


Once you have decided where to order your mixed grill from, and maybe taken advantage of any discounts and promotions that might be running, then you can then place your order quickly and easily online with your credit or debit card.  And don’t worry, a takeaway’s prices aren’t inflated on easyFood like some other takeaway apps – the price you see is the price that the takeaway or restaurant is charging to everyone, it’s just that we take the hassle out of you having to find and sift through all the massive array of Indian restaurants and takeaways in your area.


Keep it simple, and keep it real!  Order a mixed grill with easyFood right now – you will not be disappointed!