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The flavours of the East are in abundance with Lebanese cuisine which traditionally is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fresh fish and seafood.  Mouth watering dishes are cooked in authentic ways with lovely ingredients to produce mouth watering dishes which you can enjoy as delicious takeaway food.  When it comes to meats, poultry is used more than red meats, though when red meat is consumed, it is traditionally either lamb or goat.  Chickpeas are a staple ingredient of Lebanese food as is the use of copious amounts of garlic and olive oil.


Typical dishes included falafel which are small patties made from spiced chickpeas, and these have found their way on to the shelves of many supermarkets as we continue to experiment and enjoy more adventurous cuisines from around the world.  Walk into any Lebanese takeaway or restaurant and the chances are that you will also find bab ghanouj which is a dip based on aubergine, as well as baklava which is a traditional dessert made from layers of filo pastry interspersed with honey or syrup.


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