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The kebab is an example of takeaway food that has developed over the years, and depending upon where you are, the type of kebab you buy can be vastly different.


With Middle Eastern origins, a kebab is a type of cooked meat, often (but not always) cooked on a skewer and is popular around the world.  In Indian cuisine, the shish kebab is popular, made from lamb, whilst the classic Turkish kebab is the doner kebab, and the Greek gyro is mouth watering, with pork or chicken served in a fresh pita bread and accompanied by lots of salad and mayonnaise.


Generally, kebabs are made from lamb, beef, chicken, pork or even seafood, and provide a fantastic takeaway dinner food of choice for many.  A lot of fish and chip shops or other takeaway establishments specialising in other takeaway food will often offer kebabs on their menu simply due to their massive popularity.  Of course, over the year, having a kebab has been associated with late nights on the town (though nothing tastes better at this time of night) – however, with the quality of kebabs on the market now, you really are spoilt for choice and can enjoy a kebab at any time of day.


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