Order Ice Cream Online


We all love ice cream.  We think this is probably because it brings back memories of when we were young, at the seaside, enjoying a “99” on the beach from the ice cream van.


Not that there’s as many ice cream vans on the streets any more, as it’s become a lot easier to buy ice creams from the supermarket and store them at home.  However, nothing quite beats the taste of fresh ice cream, and this is something that you can enjoy here at easyFood.


Of course, when it comes to ice cream flavours, whilst many years ago we used to have a choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, in reality the choice of flavours of ice cream is now mind-blowing!  Without even thinking about it, you could probably name at least 20 different flavours of ice creams that you like, including rum and raisin ice cream, pistachio ice cream, mint choc chip, tiramisu ice cream, honeycomb and many other flavours of ice cream that are perfect for the more adventurous amongst us.  And of course it’s not just the ice cream that has developed, it’s also the toppings.  Again, think back to years ago, you were luck y to get a banana split!  Nowadays you can have different sauces and toppings such as chocolate chips, sprinkles, popping candy and much more, and have them in single cones, double cones, a tub, wafers, and even branded ice cream which seem to have strange names and which are infused with toffee chunks, salted caramel and chocolate brownie pieces.


On a hot summers’ day, nothing beats enjoying ice cream in the garden, or it might be that you want to order an ice cream dessert for after you have finished your takeaway main meal.  If this is the case, and you want to order ice cream takeaway online for home delivery, then you are most certainly in the right place here at easyFood.  All you need to do is download the easyFood smartphone app of visit our website homepage and enter your postcode.  You’ll then see a list of restaurants and takeaways near you who are able to deliver ice cream to you at home.  And this is, of course, where easyFood comes into its own.  One of our commitments to you and the partners we work with is that we will always display the nearest eateries to you in your area, as takeaway food always tastes best fresh.  And this is certainly the case with ice cream, when it needs to be kept frozen!  Therefore, the less travel time involved, the better!  You can rest assured that our partner restaurants work hard to provide you with the service you deserve and so when you have made your choice by browsing the various menu options available online, place your order using your credit or debit card and then sit back and relax and look forward to the delicious ice cream coming your way!