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When you think of English cuisine, it’s perhaps not as identifiable as other world cuisines.  This is due to the fact that England and Great Britain as a whole is cosmopolitan, with many influences from other countries when it comes to food and English dishes.  What do you think the national dish of England is?  Well, the reality is that there are several.  It used to be fish and chips, and a Sunday roast or even an English breakfast.  However, you can now add a balti curry into the mix, being as the volume in which curry is consumed in this country makes it one of the most recognisable dishes to England and its people.  English cuisine many years ago, of course, used to consist of dishes such as bubble and squeak, and game pies and so on.  However, modern society and life now dictates that fast food dishes such as fish and chips, curries and even – some would say – pizza, now constitute English cuisine.


Many regions of England have their own ‘protected’ regional foods such as Cornish pasties, Cumberland sausage and even Cheddar cheese, all of which are delicious artisan foods which really do have to be tasted to be enjoyed!  England is also home to a good proportion of the world’s leading restaurants, with many Michelin starred restaurants in London and unique towns around the country.


When it comes to English takeaways and restaurants, you really will get a mixed bag of all different types of foods, from pizzas, curries, fish and chips and a whole host of other foods which we now class as English.  The whole range is available here online at easyFood where all you need to do is log on to our website or smartphone app and, from the homepage, key in your postcode and then select ‘English’.  This will provide you with a list of English restaurants and takeaways near who that are open and able to provide you with the food you want.  Browse their menus, make your choice then make payment online and sit back and relax and wait for your doorbell to ring!