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The Indian curry has fast become one of the most popular takeaway foods in the UK.  Since the 1960s, curry houses have popped up all across the country, with Birmingham now being the Balti capital of the UK.  Indeed, some people would also argue that the curry is now the national dish of the UK....and we’d be happy to agree!


Interestingly, when it comes to ordering a curry, it seems that many people know what they are going to order before the even look at the menu!  Most curry houses and Indian restaurants offer a wealth of different curry options using different meats and different spices and strengths, and there is a world of flavours to discover.  However, it’s often a case that because we are familiar with one particular type of curry, that we go for it time and time again.  Yes, of course, the taste and flavour of a chicken tikka masala or a king prawn sagwala will differ slightly from restaurant to restaurant, but sometimes it pays to be adventurous as you might find a new favourite dish!


You might want to order traditional starters such as onion bhajees, vegetable stuffed peppers, chicken tikka and vegetable samosas, and then go for some tasty main courses such as tandoori chicken, lamb bhuna, a prawn madras or even a vindaloo if you are feeling brave when it comes to hot spices!  And, of course, for those members of your family and friends who aren’t so keen on the taste of curry and spices, then the chances are that there will be something on the menu for these people, such as chicken and chips, scampi and chips or maybe some southern fried chicken, for example.  This is sometimes particularly useful for the children, for instance, who often tend to grow into the tastes and flavours of Indian cuisine as they get older.


When you want to order a curry online, then you’re in the right place here online at easyFood.  By entering your postcode, you might be surprised at the amount and choice of Indian curry houses in your local area, some of which you might never have tried.  So, take a look at the various menus on offer online at easyFood.  Yes, of course you can easily compare prices but also you can see how different curry houses will yes offer the ‘normal’ types of curry, but may well offer some chefs recommendations or specialities of the house, or maybe traditional and authentic curries from the part of India where the chef is from, for example – these unique dishes are well worth exploring the next time you want to order a curry takeaway online.  Once you have decided what to order along with your rices and naan breads, and have taken advantage of any special offers, promotions and discounts that particular Indian curry houses might be running at that particular time, then you are in a position to place your order.  Also, uniquely here at easyFood, we provide each restaurant and takeaway who are listing on our website with their very own website so you can click on the link for this alongside their details and take a look around their site to gain more of an insight into how they cook their food, what they believe is so special about their food, their cooking techniques and other information that they think might be of interest to their clients.


Our online payment facility enables you to place your order securely using a credit or debit card and then sit back and relax, and wait for your mouth watering curry to arrive.  Here at easyFood, you have the best of everything in one place – a great choice of restaurants and takeaways and their respective menus, the best prices, secure online ordering and the fact that you can home delivery without the need for you to leave the comfort of your own home.


Order a curry online tonight here at easyFood and you certainly won’t be disappointed!