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Cuban cuisine is most certainly interesting, in the main due to the number of influences from around the world that exist in their cooking.  During colonial times, for instance Cuba was an important port for trade and so there is a large Spanish influence in terms of ingredients and spices that you’ll find.  At the same time, Havana – for instance – even has some Chinese influence in their cuisine, as well as influences across the country from the Caribbean and the US.


If you’re fortunate to have a specialist Cuban restaurant or takeaway in your area, then you’ll be able to find it here online at easyFood.  All you need to do is download or smartphone app or you can even enter your postcode on our website homepage, then select “Cuban” and you’ll see what is close by in terms of Cuban takeaways and restaurants.  Of course, there aren’t as many Cuban restaurants and takeaways around in the UK as there are curry houses or Chinese takeaways, for example, but there are still some nuggets for you to choose from.


Have a browse of their interesting menus and make your choice – you never know, you might discover a new dish that you’ve never tried before!  Place your order online using your credit or debit card and then sit back and relax and wait for your mouth watering Cuban food to arrive.