Order Breakfast Online


There’s few things that can beat a long, lazy Sunday morning lie in followed by a good, hearty breakfast to set you up for the day....or may be to nurse your recovery from the excesses of the night before!  Many will say that a great British fry-up is the mother of all hangover remedies, and what’s not to love about the combination of bacon, sausage, mushroom, beans, tomatoes, hash browns, fried eggs and much more – in fact, we’re salivating right here just writing about it! 


When it comes to preparing a fry up breakfast, however, because there’s lots of ingredients involved, it usually takes some planning and most definitely usually involves a trip to the shops.  And then after having made your fry up breakfast, there will be lots of left over ingredients in the fridge that you might not use.  Isn’t it much easier, therefore, to order breakfast online with easyFood and have it delivered to your doorstep?


And breakfast, of course, is not simply a fry up – there are many other types of breakfasts that you can order online which will float the boat of other people.   For instance, what about some waffles and syrup, or maybe pancakes with syrup and fruit.  Or what about a continental style breakfast of croissants and pain-au-chocolat, for instance.  Whatever takes your fancy, the chances are that you’ll be able to order the breakfast you want here online at easyFood.


And it’s very easy to do, even when you have just woken up and are bleary-eyed first thing in the morning.  Simply log on to the easyFood website or download the smartphone app and enter your postcode.  If you then select ‘Breakfast’ from the drop down menu, you’ll be presented with a list of restaurants and takeaways that are able to deliver you the breakfast you want.  Check out the various special offers and promotions that are available at certain times and place your order, not forgetting the essential coffee of course!  And don’t worry – unlike certain other takeaway food ordering apps online - easyFood does not charge you a 50p service charge, so the price you pay is the price that you would pay if you walked into that restaurant or takeaway off the street.  We aim to provide you with the ultimate in choice and service, and so place your order to order online breakfast today with easyFood – and you never know, you might also want to go back to bed for a short while!