Order Bar & Grill Style Takeaway


The classic bars and grills originated in the USA and have steadily found their way over to the UK - Imagine sports bars, with lots of TVs dotted around the venue showing a variety of different sports such as baseball, American football and so on.  This concept has been adopted in the UK so you can now visit a sports bar and enjoy a cold beer of whatever your tipple is whilst watching Premier League football and taking in some Tour De France cycling or rugby league at the same time.  Many of these bars also offer food as a natural progression, with many of them going to the classic burgers, hot dogs and chargrilled meats route, which makes sense as this sort of food goes really well with a cold beer.


The trick for these bars and grills, however, is how to provide takeaway food whilst not losing the experience of the live bar and grill atmosphere.  Whilst this is really difficult, many bars and grills now provide fabulous chargilled or sizzling food platters which taste great when they arrive on your doorstep.  Washed down with a cold beer and watching sport on the TV, you’ve almost created what you want without steeping outside your door!


Steaks, chicken and Indian tandoori mixed grills are usually the order of the day here, with the mixed grills in particular regularly offering excellent value as they will usually come with dips, sides and naan breads and these are great for sharing between friends and family.  This sort of finger food is always popular for parties and other social occasions.


You can order bar and grill style takeaway food right here online at easyFood.  We have a range of different bars and grills in your area from which you can make your selection online.  Have a browse of what they offer and perhaps take advantage of any special offers that might be running at this time.  You can even click through to their website to see the cooking methods they use and how they source their ingredients, for example.  Once you have made up your mind about which takeaway food order you want, make payment using your credit or debit card and then get your beer from the fridge, sit back and relax, and wait for your doorbell to ring.


Order takeaway food online today via the easyFood website or smartphone app – you won’t be disappointed!