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With a whole variety of regional variations, Bangladeshi cuisine is strongly influenced by Bengali and North East Indian cooking.  It is rich in fish, vegetables and lentils often served with rice.  As with all new cuisines and flavours, if you haven’t tried it before, you are in for a real treat!


Popular Bangladeshi dishes include traditional favourites such as biryani, chingri malai curry, machher jhol and red rice which, when cooked in the authentic and traditional way, taste divine.  You may well be lucky enough to have a Bangladeshi takeaway or restaurant near you in which case you can order a Bangladeshi meal online here at easyFood.  Simply enter your postcode and then select ‘Bangladeshi’ from the drop down menu.  You’ll then be able to see the various options of takeaways and restaurants near you that match your criteria.  Here at easyFood, we believe in presenting you the best options by proximity to your postcode, as we believe that the best takeaway food is best eaten fresh, and so if restaurants and takeaways are located miles away from you, you won’t get the best food experience, as is the case with some of our competitors.  Local is best, and so why not browse the rich variety of Bangladeshi menus online at easyFood and make your selection – then place your secure order using your credit or debit card and sit back and relax. 


easyFood is here to keep you r life – well – easy, and so whatever takeaway food you are in the mood for right now, check out what we have to offer you at great prices.  Enjoy!