Order Argentinean Food Online


Argentinean culture is very much centred around hospitality and family gatherings, with food also being an integral part of these occasions.  Invitations to dinner in people’s homes is considered to be a mark of friendship and loyalty, with social gatherings and family lunches on Sundays being at the heart of Argentinean life.


Perhaps the most traditional and authentic dish of Argentina is the ‘asado’ which is essentially a platter of meats cooked on the BBQ including steak, ribs, chorizo, black pudding and other meats, with the whole idea being that you can place the asado in the middle of the table and everyone can take what they want, according to what they like.  Combine this with potatoes, French fries, salsas, dips and salad and you have a winning, mouth watering combination.


Check out any Argentinean restaurant, therefore, and the chances are that they will have their take on an asado on the menu, offering sizzling platters of meats for your enjoyment.


However long you have lived where you live, though, you may not even be aware of your local Argentinean restaurant or takeaway, as generally speaking, these more unique restaurants don’t have the mass appeal of Chinese or Indian restaurants.  That’s definitely not to say, however, that the food is any less wonderful.  For those more adventurous amongst you, why not dive into the world of Argentinean food, the tastes and flavours of which will instantly transport you into downtown Buenos Aires, with the little bustling side streets full of wonderful little cafes and restaurants all producing stunning authentic dishes.


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