02 May

Dena, Birmingham - Welcome to easyFood!

It’s difficult to keep pace with giving a shout out to all the takeaways and restaurants in Birmingham that are constantly signing up to the easyFood revolution, but today we’d like to give a warm easyFood welcome to the team at Dena in Birmingham.  Specialising in pizza, burgers, peri peri and more, the team obviously realise the benefits that working with easyFood can bring to their business.

The advantages are two-fold.  Firstly, customers don’t pay a price premium or a service charge when they order food online.  And secondly, for the restaurant owner, you are simply paying a flat monthly fee with no commissions.  Therefore, you can manage your online customers, turnover and profits more easily and hassle free.

Why don’t you sign up your restaurant or takeaway today – you can be sure that your competitors are!  In the meantime, welcome to you all at Dena – no doubt you’ll be getting lots of hungry easyFood customers coming your way!

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