03 June

As a restaurant owner, why easyFood?

As a restaurant or takeaway business owner, you’ll already be very familiar with the world of online customers and benefits that it brings.  Which one of these 3 categories do you fall into?

1 – A restaurant or takeaway that continues to self-market the business, by advertising in the local newspaper and magazine, hoping that you’ll attract more business this way?

2 – All the above but also you might have your own website which you use to promote your business in addition.

3 – You have embraced the latest technologies available to you and you have huge amounts of orders coming into your business from online food ordering apps.

Obviously category 3 – for many restaurants and takeaways – is the place to be.  However, up until now, this has come at a cost.  Food ordering apps online will of course drive orders to your business, though they will most certainly want something in return, and this comes in the form of commissions.  Takeaway businesses up to this point have been paying out a lot of money in commissions on orders to the big players. 

However, the time is now to change to this.

That where easyFood comes into its own.  You can have all the benefits of being in category 3 WITHOUT having to pay astronomical commissions.  The easyFood platform uses a single monthly fee that you pay to easyFood to connect with thousands of users online who are all hungry and looking for the best takeaway food near you and your restaurant.  This enables you to be able to manage your cashflow each month, safe in the knowledge that there will be no more fees to pay in addition to the monthly fee, regardless of how many orders come in.

easyFood is here to keep life simple and so don’t hesitate to sign up today and enjoy the massive benefits that tapping into our online community will bring to your business.

We look forward to partnering with your restaurant in the same way that many others have already done.

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