14 october London Fast Food Strikes

Fast food workers across the country have come out in droves to protest low pay. Workers from big names you’ll recognise, like McDonalds, TGI Fridays, JD Wetherspoon and even Uber Eats, have taken to the streets in a series of organised walkouts across the UK, with London being host to a rally in protest.

And it’s no wonder why. When fast food workers so often fail to meet the national living wage, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

It shouldn’t be much to ask for McDonalds workers to be paid a minimum of £10 per hour for their work. These jobs are not as easy as they may look. Workers in the fast food industry require many skills that can be hard to learn. Just to name a few, a cashier would need to have good people skills, a solid grasp of mathematics, the energy to be on their feet for hours on end and a basic understanding of the operation of POS computer systems. With all this considered, it’s a wonder these strikes haven’t happened sooner. This is skilled work that demands better pay.

Uber Eats drivers more recently joined the protests following a demonstration outside Uber Eats’ London headquarters just a few weeks ago. They demand better pay for their work, following the company’s decision to reduce the minimum pay for a delivery from £4.26 to £3.50. These drivers want a minimum of £5 per delivery and an additional £1 per mile. This shouldn’t be too much to ask considering how vital they are to the company and the time that gets put into each delivery. Not to mention the cost on fuel.

The companies have all defended their pay policies, but so far the strikes have continued.

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