13 July You Won't Believe What Some Delivery Apps Are Doing!

When you order a takeaway, the delivery app might just be ripping you off. If you're not careful, 40% of your money could end up in their pocket rather than going to the restaurant - and we all know that the hospitality industry has been particularly hard hit during the pandemic! Ordering with some delivery apps (you know the ones) can leave you paying more for less food, as restaurants are frequently using low-quality ingredients or serving smaller portions in order to survive.1) Typical FeesLet's say you place a £25 food order. The restaurant or takeaway may be passing on around £10 of your money onto the online food ordering company in commission fees!  And, this doesn’t even include the delivery fees (typically up to £5), or the service fee (up to 10% of the bill) which is added just before you click the ‘pay now’ button. So, when you think about it, over £15 of your hard-earned cash could be going directly to these food delivery apps!2) And here’s what you getWhen it comes to value for your money, things don’t get any better. To offset these high fees many restaurants and takeaways are turning to serving smaller portions, using lower-quality ingredients, or hiking their prices. So whichever way you look at it, neither customers or restaurant owners are getting a good deal!3) But What Can You Do?We know you want to support your local restaurant and takeaway. And, It’s for this very reason why we created easyFood. Our mission is to make food ordering more affordable for everyone, with a vision to one day be able to end commission fees for all restaurant and takeaway owners across the UK. We believe that by doing so, you will receive value for money and you’ll be helping your local restaurant or takeaway to thrive.So, the next time you’re hungry, we’d love for you to join our cause by downloading the easyFood app, or by ordering your takeaway online at easyFood.co.uk. By doing so, you’ll be helping your local restaurant or takeaway to cut their fees in half. This is just our first step in truly supporting local businesses and with your help we can make ending commission a reality.

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